Features of telescopic enclosure

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You can choose the type of swimming pool enclosure door to suit your requirements - we offer double or single doors, centre or off centre hinged or sliding doors, with doorsill or without. The standard door width ranges from 70 - 90 cm. If you choose a low enclosure it is very practical to have a side sliding door allowing access to the enclosure.

Lift up end panel

If there are any obstacles around the pool – e.g. a ladder, hydro massage, raised pool edge, ladder, roller etc. it is best to fit the enclosure with a lift-up end panel, meaning that there is no need to remove the front wall when moving segments. This way you can slide over any obstacle

Lift Up Draft Seal - Closed



We mostly use flat 1.5cm high rails - they are easy to walk on, no sharp edges and have elegant design. Rails are made from anodized or powder coated aluminium profiles. The track is fixed to level base horizontally, vertically or slanting – against the walls of the house. The number of guide rail tracks corresponds to the number of segments that make up the pool enclosure. The pool enclosure can be fitted with a solar-powered electric shifting system.


COMFORT, PROGRESS - elegant products developed on the basis of our own know-how

  • COMFORT track with a height of 15 mm is used for swimming pool enclosures up to 6.25 m wide, for wider pool enclosures use PROGRESS (height 15 mm).
  • COMFORT and PROGRESS – thanks to their shape, these tracks do not hamper movement of people around the swimming pool, and the small grooves on their surface prevent slipping.
  • So as to reduce the width of the rails, it is possible to repeat segments.
  • Only 1 model of swimming pool enclosure – Riviera, is without rails.
  • A special track is used for the Orient circular swimming pool enclosure.
  • The PROGRESS track is an up-to-date and useful modification of the COMFORT track.
  • Track rails are attached to the concrete foundation with 8mm stainless steel tappets. 
  • The COMFORT track is an excellent solution! It is the best choice thanks to its special design and properties, but to achieve the optimum effect it requires a very flat surface around the swimming pool. Automatic fixing of enclosure segments for this system is done in two variants: COMFORT and COMFORT PLUS