European Pool Covers




New Zealand's most sophisticated Pool Cover


We think our range of Alukov European Pool Covers are New Zealand’s best solution for the challenges of owning outdoor pools. Year-round swimming, stylish security, efficient pool heating and reduced pool care and maintenance, all from one product.

We’ve got awards that backup that opinion too. SPASA (The New Zealand and Australia Swimming and Spa Pool Association) awarded our European Pool Enclosures and Covers GOLD in the ‘Sustainable Pool Product Category at their 2022 SPASA awards.

Alukov’s entire range of pool covers are an unbeatable strategy for maintaining swimming pool water that is clean, healthy and warm any time of the day across all four seasons of the year.  Our Covers present an impenetrable barrier against vegetation, debris, insects and other unwanted objects, stopping them getting into your swimming pool. Our clients testify to finally being able to enjoy their pool with a reduced burden of constant pool cleaning and maintenance.



Installing a European Pool Cover also results in lovely warm pool water whilst reducing power consumption and pool heating cost. The polycarbonate cover gives significant solar heating gains, heating the both the pool water and the air inside the enclosure. Combine this with stopping cold rainwater entering the pool and an enclosure works to keep your swimming pool wonderfully warm.

In our humble opinion, European Pool Enclosures are the best-looking pool covers on the New Zealand market. Retractable Covers are designed to sit above pool level, rather than at pool water level, and unlike almost every other pool cover, the pristine, clean, blue pool water aesthetic is visible through the Pool Cover. European Pool Covers are cleverly designed to slide along an unobtrusive pool side rail system. The entire cover is quick and easy to slide open and closed and is fully lockable to keep your loved ones safe.

Each cover is customised to fit our client’s pool dimensions, and choice of model, shape, height, colour and placement of entry points. We work with each client to identify the perfect European Cover to complement both your pool area and backyard.

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