Spa Domes and Garden Conservatory Enclosures


All the spa pool domes and garden conservatory space enclosures that we offer from Alukov’s stunning range, guarantee unlimited year-round enjoyment of your space, in any weather!

A spa dome over your spa creates a spacious, warm, cosy oasis that is designed to shelter spa users from the wind, rain and cold.

Even in the coldest, wettest, and windiest conditions you can enjoy soaking inside your spa dome, and then towel off and change within a lovely warm, dry environment. There is plenty of space inside a dome for your favourite spa side items such as towel racks, steps, lighting, plants, sound system, or even a bar fridge.



Spa Domes are cleverly crafted to slide open for indoor/outdoor flow and ventilation. The see-through, tinted polycarbonate shell of each dome creates a private ambience whilst allowing 360-degree views of your garden. 

Our Spa is used daily, the dome keeps the dust and insects out, spa temperature is maintained longer, and when it’s wet outside our robes and towels stay dry”. Peter and Marion, Auckland.

All three of our versatile Alukov spa pool domes, the Oasis, Orlando and Sunhouse can be utilised as a garden conservatory that can be positioned anywhere in your backyard! Each model offers plentiful space to set up your perfect backyard retreat for a variety of hobbies and ways to relax such as gardening, reading, having a drink with family and friends, playing board games, sleeping, yoga, and anything else you enjoy!

All our domes keep your spa or garden conservatory area clean by keeping out vegetation, dirt, insects and debris. The UV protectant polycarbonate shell of a dome also protects items inside from sun damage and weathering. Our domes are also fully lockable to keep your belongings secure and unwanted visitors out.

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