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Our Pool Enclosures, Spa Domes, Patio Enclosures and Hospitality Enclosures are the ultimate, affordable solution to increase visitor capacity and keep your business operating in any weather and any day of the year! The days of basic pool and spa covers are over.

The versatile range of enclosures are custom made to easily transform an aquatic facility, recreational area, or hospitality space from outdoors to sheltered, UV safe, comfortable and indoors as required.  

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Enclosures or pool and spa covers?

There is nothing better than an outdoor swim on a hot summer day or having an open-air spa while gazing at the stars. So, for many, the thought of having an indoor facility detracts from the kiwi summer dream.

Standard pool and spa covers do an ok job of keeping the heat in and debris out, but they don’t protect you from the elements while you are using the facilities.

What if you could have the best of both worlds, an affordable indoor swimming pool or spa room that also converts into an open-air outdoor facility?

And even better, your new facility reduces the cost of pool heating, cleaning and maintenance, reduces water and chemical evaporation, and is fully lockable to keep your younger guests safe, unwanted visitors out and your pool and spa equipment and furniture secure.

As we all know, the bottom line for a business is profitability. Here are a few examples of how New Zealand businesses increased profits as a result of installing a Pool Enclosure instead of just pool and spa covers:


Little Makos Swim School, Wellington

Little Makos Swim School, Wellington

Even with a standard pool cover, the Wellington weather meant that the Little Makos Swim School had such a short swimming season it was hard to make it economic. After South Pacific Pool Enclosures installed an Alukov retractable enclosure, the swim school private student roster increased from around 100 students to over 700. Little Makos now operates 7 days a week and delivers private lessons after school, over the weekends and during the school holidays. ‘We simply could not operate without our Pool Enclosure facility. We went through the process of designing a building for our pool, but the price of over $1m, and over $150k for a ventilation system was unattainable. We think the Pool Enclosure facility is far more versatile and has zero running costs’, Little Makos Swim School Director.


All Seasons Holiday Park, Rotorua

All Seasons Holiday Park, Rotorua

The All Seasons Holiday Park was on the verge of closing down due to low occupancy across Autumn, Winter and Spring. Pool and spa covers just weren’t cutting it, so they installed a retractable enclosure that covers their pool, spa and wider poolside area.  The park is now busy right throughout the year and has invested in new accommodation blocks to cater for the increase in guests. All Seasons Holiday Park is now the #1 rated Holiday Park on TripAdvisor. It receives many positive reviews about the all-weather swimming facility across accommodation review platforms and social media. ‘Investing in a retractable Pool Enclosure was a business masterstroke’ says All Seasons Manager. ‘Since installing the enclosure in 2012 our turnover has increased every year – and continues to do so. We have considerably more return customers and regulars who just love the pool now that they can swim all year round’.


Fools Pools Swim School, Auckland

Fools Pools Swim School, Auckland

Using standard type pool and spa covers, Fools Pools Swim School could only operate during the summer months. Installing a retractable pool enclosure over their main pool shifted them to delivering private swimming lessons, public swimming, and aqua fitness across all four seasons of the year. The business has significantly reduced the overhead costs of running a large pool situated next to a forest that caused major cleaning problems and was expensive to heat. ‘The enclosure has made a major difference to our business. We did not have to use our heat pumps from October through to April at all, and we are able to keep our pool temperature at 26.5C purely through solar gain. This enclosure has many advantages over other indoor aquatic facilities. Our customers love the enclosure, and the casual side of the business continues to grow, even in winter’.


Outdoor area and Patio covers

Outdoor area and Patio covers


Enclosures aren’t limited to replacing basic pool and spa covers.

Many businesses have outdoor areas, patios or decks that are an integral part of their operations. For most outdoor areas though, bad weather options are limited to setting up marquees ‘just in case’, but then you aren’t outdoors anymore.

Installed by South Pacific Pool Enclosures, European manufactured Alukov enclosures can be installed over many outdoor areas to create an outdoor room, deck or patio cover.

Roll the enclosure back and you have a fully outdoor area for whatever event your customers are holding. If the weather turns it’s as easy as rolling the retractable outdoor roofing over the area, and you are completely protected from the elements.

Using an outdoor area enclosure or patio cover give your business flexibility that your customers are going to love. Offering customers freedom from weather restrictions means you can accept bookings year and know they will go ahead.

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