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The enjoyment and everyday use of our home living spaces, swimming pool and spa pool have been tremendously enhanced by three of Alukov’s enclosure products, a European Pool Cover, Spa Dome, and Patio Enclosure manufacturer.

The many wonderful lifestyle experiences and benefits we enjoy every day are a huge motivation for us to deliver Alukov’s enclosure products for New Zealand families, schools, and businesses.

We welcome prospective clients to come and visit our home and check out our enclosure spaces. Please contact us to arrange a date!


Pool Room


Roof Enclosure Pool Room


Before establishing ‘South Pacific Pool Enclosures’ we already had an indoor pool room that was very underutilised. Our swimming pool was very cold due to an outdated, inefficient heating system, and the pool room needed a serious makeover. We decided on a pool room renovation that included opening up a large section of the roof and installing an Imperia European Pool Cover to let in light, provide a view of the sky and outdoors and achieve warmer pool water temperatures. Yes, European Pool Covers can also be utilised to create a retractable sunroom!

The renovation projects also involved new decking around the pool, painting the pool room interior, buying new pool furniture and toys, and installing a new heat pump heating system and lighting. Our swimming pool room has been transformed from a space we were rarely using, to a hub for swimming, fun, and poolside relaxation (reading, socialising, coffee, drinks etc.) that we enjoy with our family and friends throughout the entire year!


Spa Dome


Spa dome at home

Around 15 years ago we purchased a spa pool as an investment into our health and wellbeing and for our family and friends to enjoy. Initially, the spa pool was quite underutilised, especially over the colder months. A basic spa cover kept the water warm, but it was really unpleasant to sit in the spa or walk to and from the house in swimming gear when it was so cold, wet and windy outside.

Once we started importing Alukov’s enclosures into New Zealand, it was a no brainer for us to buy an Orlando spa dome enclosure [link] to create a sheltered indoor environment for our Spa. One thing we enjoy the most about our Spa Dome compared to the old school spa cover is being able to get changed into our togs inside the dome before getting into the Spa, and then towelling off inside the dome when we get out. One of our main hobbies is gardening, so we enjoy looking through our Spa Dome at our garden, or opening up the Dome to take in a view of the night sky.

Our spa dome enclosure has enabled us to finish off many days of the year with a relaxing spa in a wonderful, sheltered dome with a lovely ambience. The benefits to our health and wellbeing are priceless!


Patio Enclosure


Patio enclosure exmas

At our home we have quite a large deck area that can be accessed from our lounge. We previously used the deck for the usual summer activities, eating, BBQs, socialising, reading etc., but like our old pool room, the deck was underutilised due to the wind and rain here in Wellington, and constant cleaning and maintenance.

We decided we needed a deck cover and installed a ‘Corso’ patio enclosure. This transformed our deck area into an indoor conservatory that we could still open up to enjoy the outdoor deck experience. The result has been a revelation and has become our favourite room of the house to spend time in every day!

We had also considered building a house extension on the deck instead of the patio enclosure, which would have cost in the ballpark of $100k. The patio enclosure cost many times less, was installed within a few days, and provides us a versatile living space with so many benefits that we enjoy. It is lovely sitting in a sunroom environment, feeling like you are outdoors, whilst actually being inside and sheltered from the almost constant wind we get in Wellington. We feel that our patio enclosure has been amazing for our happiness over winter because we can sit in a warm, sheltered dry space with natural light filling the room and looking out at the trees and skyline. Opening up the patio enclosure allows us to enjoy indoor/outdoor flow, ventilate the enclosure and the upstairs area of our home, and still enjoy our BBQ!