All-weather hospitality enclosures


“Boost your business with a Hospitality Enclosure”

Our Alukov manufactured Hospitality Enclosures are the ultimate business solution for restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels to increase guest capacity and bookings and create a wonderful indoor/outdoor space for dining, coffee, socialising, and relaxation.

Hospitality Enclosures are a relatively low-cost solution to expanding your hospitality venue. Our enclosures allow you to take an existing weather-dependant outdoor area and convert it into a year-round, all-weather hospitality and entertainment space that you can quickly and easily convert between indoor and outdoor as needed.



Minimise cost and disruptions

When compared to building a fixed structure such as an extension, our Alukov Hospitality Enclosures have a significantly lower installed cost. Costs are further minimised by most enclosure installations being completed within 5-7 days with minimal disruption to your business.

Boost your bookings

Having a large area that can quickly and easily change from outdoor to indoor lets you take bookings from customers regardless of the customers. In some parts of New Zealand, this can increase your bookings for existing outdoor spaces from a few months over summer to year round.

Maximise flexibility

Hospitality enclosures are far more versatile than a fixed building structure. The enclosure creates a wonderful, spacious indoor arena that shelters guests from the wind, rain and cold. In warm, pleasant weather, the enclosure can be completely opened up so your guests can enjoy being outdoors. The retractable roof segments are easy to open and close too, so you can quickly protect your customers and clients from the elements of the weather changes quickly.

Get full protection

As well as full protection from the weather, the UV coating on the polycarbonate panels of our enclosures protect your guests from sunburn and hospitality furniture, equipment and any other items from UV damage.

As an optional extra all our Hospitality Enclosures can be fitted with a retractable shade system. On hot summer days when you don’t want the enclosure open, the shade can be pulled down to keep your guests cool and comfortable on hot summer days. The enclosures are also secure and fully lockable, with access controlled by key.

Contact our experienced team to discuss the perfect Hospitality Enclosure for your business and venue. Each enclosure is custom designed in collaboration with our clients, and a free quote is produced for consideration. 


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