Residential pool and spa pool covers and enclosures




Are you keen to:

  • enjoy your home pool, spa, patio, or deck in any weather?
  • reduce the cost of heating, cleaning, maintenance, and chemicals?
  • enhance your lifestyle with simple, weather free access to recreation, relaxation, and fun?
  • keep your loved ones safe and secure?

A cover or enclosure by South Pacific Pool Enclosures could be the answer that helps you get the most out of the underutilised areas around your home.

Since 2007, we have installed sophisticated, practical, and innovative all-weather cover and enclosure solutions, from European manufacturer Alukov, for homeowners around New Zealand.


Home pool and spa pool covers and enclosures

Having a pool, spa or outdoor area at home is great. Socialising, relaxing and exercising are the big benefits that you and your family get, but for many people the weather is the main factor that limits the opportunities to enjoy their outdoor facilities.

On the flip side you have the time and money involved in heating, cleaning and maintenance. What if one product meant you spent less time and money on your pool, spa or outdoor area, but got to spend a lot more time enjoying it?

This is exactly what customers of South Pacific Pool Enclosures get when they install an Alukov manufactured pool or spa pool cover or patio or deck enclosure.

Get all the benefits of both an indoor and outdoor pool or spa space, while minimising the downsides of both.

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European Pool Covers



Europe’s leading solution for easy and efficient pool care and management! European Pool Covers deliver the most stylish, practical, and durable solution for covering your pool. They reduce the cost of pool heating, cleaning, and maintenance, and keeps your loved ones safe and secure. European Pool Covers give your pool protection from the rain, wind and cold and allow for all weather lap swimming. Check out our wide range models, shapes, sizes, colours to suit every home.


Pool Enclosures




The swimmer’s best friend! Retractable Pool Enclosures come in Medium-Line and High-Line models that create an indoor pool room space at your home at a fraction of the cost of a fixed building structure. Pool Enclosures are designed to easily open and close so that you can choose to swim, play, and relax poolside either indoors or outdoors. Segments of the enclosure can be positioned for shading and UV protection, and doors and windows ensure easy access and ventilation. 


Spa Domes


Spa DOme Orlando in the nighttime


Soak, relax and towel off sheltered from the elements! Spa Domes and Sunhouses have plenty of space for your spa pool, spa side furniture, towel rack, lighting, and sound system. No more being battered by the rain, wind and cold whilst you enter your spa, soak, get out and dry off! So much more than just a spa pool cover, Spa Domes are designed to open for indoor and outdoor flow and the polycarbonate shell is see through so you can enjoy your garden or view.


Patio Enclosures



Transform your patio area, deck or garden into an all-weather outdoor room for relaxation, socialising, dining, or having a coffee and reading a book. Patio Covers or Enclosures add another living space to your house that can be utilised every day of the year indoors or opened up for indoor and outdoor flow. Sunhouses can also be positioned in your garden for an easy, relatively low cost indoor and outdoor relaxation space.


Our European Pool Covers, Spa Domes, Pool Enclosures and Patio Enclosures are customised to meet the needs of our clients, including model, design, shape, colour, and budget requirements.

The New Zealand and Australia Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) judged our European Pool Covers and Pool Enclosures to be the best ‘Sustainable Pool Product’ at their 2022 SPASA awards.

Browse our range, ask us questions, and share your vision with us. Our experienced team will work with you to identify and design the perfect cover or enclosure for your home.

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