High line pool enclosures


‘The ultimate addition to your Swimming Lifestyle’

High-Line Pool Enclosures transform your swimming pool area into an all-weather pool room where you can enjoy unlimited swimming, pool-side relaxation, exercise and fun with your family and friends. Get all year-round use of your pool and the area around it, regardless of the weather.

Our clients describe the environment inside a High-Line Enclosure as ‘a tropical paradise at home’ even during the coldest, nastiest weather.

There is so much space inside a High-Line enclosure that the potential swimming and lifestyle uses are limitless! Place recliners, a table and chairs, plants, a sound system and lighting, exercise equipment, pool equipment storage, or even a slide inside your Enclosure space to create your ultimate home oasis.

“The enclosure has its own climate providing you a little piece of paradise” Sacha and Roger, Wellington.

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Unlike a fixed indoor pool room building, a High-Line Pool Enclosure is cleverly designed to easily slide open within minutes to give outdoor, warm weather swimming. On hot summer days, segments of the enclosure can be positioned for shading and protection from harsh UV rays, reducing the need to worry about sunburn and skin damage.



The entire High-Line Pool Enclosure range delivers all the efficient pool management and cost reduction benefits including reducing power consumption, increasing pool temperature via solar gains, keeping vegetation, dirt, insects and debris out of the pool water, and reducing water and chemical evaporation.

The nine Alukov manufactured High-Line Enclosure models that we offer cover a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colours, as well as options for placement of doors and windows. Every enclosure is custom designed in a collaborative process with each client to match pool area dimensions, their vision for using the Pool Enclosure space, and aesthetic preferences.

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