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Enjoy your Patio, Deck or Garden Space in any weather”.

Having an enclosure as a patio cover creates a stunning, all weather, indoor or outdoor living space that delivers maximum enjoyment, utility, and comfort. As well as patios, they work for decks, green spaces or anywhere else in your garden that you want cover.

Have dinner outdoors with family and friends on a warm summer night or curl up on the couch with a coffee and good book on a wet, cold, and windy winters day. The all-weather, indoor, or outdoor lifestyle options are limitless!

Our European partner, Alukov, is the world leading manufacturer and designer of all-weather lifestyle enclosures. Patio and lifestyle enclosures are a versatile, architecturally excellent, and relatively low-cost alternative to a fixed building structure. They are common in many properties across Europe, the US, Asia, and Australia, and now becoming popular in New Zealand.


Corso Premium - Patio Enclosure

Patio cover enclosures shelter your living space from the wind, rain and snow, and the UV protectant applied to the polycarbonate walls protects you and your loved ones from sunburn, and your furniture from sun damage.

With an all-weather Patio Enclosure, the choice of indoor or outdoor living is yours! Patio Enclosures are cleverly designed to slide along rails and transform your Patio, Deck or Garden Green Space from indoors to outdoors and back within minutes.

We installed a ‘Corso’ Patio Cover Enclosure on the deck adjacent to our lounge to add an extra living room to our house. The Patio Enclosure has achieved the best of both worlds, we now have a much bigger lounge space; one loungeroom inside the house, and another within the sheltered, see through Patio Enclosure. We use our Patio area pretty much every day to enjoy coffees, socialising, reading, and dining in a sunroom type environment, and we often open up the enclosure so we can enjoy the outdoors.

Each patio cover Enclosure is custom made to match a client’s space, choice of model, and aesthetic preferences. Contact us today and share your vision.

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Our expert team works with every prospective client to design the perfect patio, deck or garden enclosure for their home, offers no obligation free quotes, and installs beautiful enclosures at any New Zealand location.

The stunning range of Alukov patio cover Enclosures are the ultimate upgrade to your patio, conservatory, deck, or garden green space. Much less expensive than a fixed building structure and far more versatile!

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