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Transform your existing school swimming pool into an all all-weather indoor and outdoor swimming facility that delivers students and the wider community access to perfect conditions for swimming any day of the year!

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Retractable Pool Enclosures do so much more than a simple cover for a swimming pool.

Enclosures on pool facilities at schools across New Zealand create thriving, year-round hubs for:

  • delivery of school swimming modules,
  • private swimming lessons,
  • holiday programmes,
  • private hires by community partners for events and sports practises, and
  • public swimming sessions.

Access to regular, uninterrupted swimming lessons in warm water, and sheltered, dry poolside conditions has resulted in profound improvement across student’s swimming ability, water safety skills, participation increase, fitness level and enjoyment of being active with their peers in the water.

“This is the first year that our pupils swam every day no matter what the weather – the result was a huge increase in swimming skills, water confidence and fitness levels.”

Principal, West Eyerton School, Christchurch

Having an enclosure as a cover for a swimming pool solves a range of logistical problems, costs associated with pool care and heating, and health and safety issues:

  • Year-round pool use allows delivery of swimming modules onsite. This avoids the cost, time and logistics of transporting students to indoor community swimming venues.
  • Like a standard cover for a swimming pool, the polycarbonate panels of an Alukov Enclosure increase the pool temperature via solar gain. But a closed enclosure also keeps warm air inside the pool area, and cold air and rainwater out, which results in consistently warm pool water.
  • Students are kept healthy because they feel warm in the water and are kept warm whilst entering and exiting the swimming pool. The polycarbonate panels are UV treated, so students, teachers and coaches will not get sunburned.
  • Dirt, debris, and insects are kept out of the pool water, so there is significantly less pool cleaning and maintenance.
  • Several schools have entered into mutually beneficial business partnerships with swim schools (please enquire for more information).

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Any cover for a swimming pool at a school also needs to enhance safety and security. Entry to our enclosures is controlled by key access. The enclosure is fully lockable, which keeps students safe, and protects the pool area from unwanted visitors, theft, and vandalism after hours.

As a company we are incredibly proud of the impact Pool Enclosures have on school students, teachers, coaches, and the wider community. Our passionate team work with interested schools to design a School Pool Enclosure facility that is customised to fit the school pool and surrounding poolside area dimensions, and work with school representatives on resource consent and planning.

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Berhampore School, Wellington 

Berhampore School Enclosure


Berhampore School teamed up with the ‘Little Makos’ swim school to upgrade its closed outdoor swimming pool facility. Initially, Little Makos delivered private lessons outdoors, but using a standard cover for the swimming pool they struggled to deliver lessons in Wellington’s variable weather to a role of around 100 private students. After installing a Laguna Pool Enclosure, Little Makos became one of Wellington’s most popular swim schools. They now deliver lessons to over 700 private students and 6 schools, 7 days a week, during school time, after school, weekends and school holidays. Berhampore students receive 20 swimming module lessons delivered by the Little Makos team and 48 supervised lunch time swims. The improvement in swimming level has been profound.

“When we started at Berhampore there were very few children who could swim a length of the pool. Now every student can swim a length by the age of 8!”

Sarah Chambers, Little Makos Director.


West Eyerton School, Christchurch 

West Eyerton School, Christchurch


West Eyerton School installed a Laguna retractable Pool Enclosure as an investment into delivering swimming lessons onsite and offering a first-class swimming facility to the wider community. According to the principal at West Eyerton,

 ‘this is the first year our students swam every day no matter what the weather conditions. The result has been a huge gain in swimming skills, confidence and fitness levels. The pool was open every day to both the community and our 200 pupils. Class teachers were very impressed with how well using the enclosure as a cover for the swimming pool operated, making swimming lessons a smooth, efficient exercise with no down time between classes’.

West Eyerton teachers have noticed a major improvement in their students swimming level as well as their overall fitness levels as a result of regular access to swimming at school.


Patricia Avenue Specialist School, Hamilton

Patricia Avenue School sought a solution to deliver its water therapy sessions with students onsite, throughout the school year. Wanting more than just a cover for the swimming pool, the architect working on the project contacted South Pacific Pool Enclosures to discuss incorporating a ‘Style’ enclosure into a building structure that included a block wall on one side with two entry points into the Pool Enclosure facility, a large rectangular hydrotherapy pool, and an adjacent building that houses a therapy spa, bathrooms and heat pumps. The Style enclosure gives Pat Ave school the best of both worlds, a building structure and a Pool Enclosure that opens and closes for the choice of indoor or outdoor water therapy sessions.

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