Jo Powell, Waimuku Auckland

Jo Powell, Waimuku Auckland

Pool enclosure ELEGANT

“The enclosure has resolved so many pool issues for me.”

My “Elegant” model Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosure was put in place at the end of April 2010 and I can’t speak highly enough of the total experience.

Roland and Wendy of South Pacific Pool Enclosures Ltd kept me informed of progress from the time the first measurements of the pool area were taken in January until the ‘made to measure’ enclosure components were delivered on site, on a container pallet shipped from the Czech Republic. I was even emailed photos of the loading of the container before the parts were shipped, which was a nice little gesture and very much appreciated.  Assembly and completion of the enclosure on site took the team only two days.

This summer my swimming season started 1st October – certainly a first for me. I have never previously had water warm enough for swimming in springtime!

The enclosure has resolved so many pool issues for me. First there has been water temperature – now a balmy tropical 34-36 degrees heated entirely by the trapped warmth of the sun, no costly heating required. Then the huge bonus of a clean, leaf and vegetation free pool. I live on the West Coast not far from the wild surf of Muriwai. It is an area which experiences high winds coming straight off the Tasman. Added to that, my garden is full of mature trees and shrubs and until now, vacuuming and keeping the pool clean and leaf-free has been a major chore. My pool is now so easy to maintain. Further, I now need to use only one-third of the chemicals I previously used in order to keep the pool water PH balanced and sanitised. For me, keeping chemical use to a minimum has been a major plus.

My pool enclosure has not only given me hours and days of more swimming enjoyment this summer but it has enhanced the appearance of my pool and patio area. There is a ‘Wow!’ factor of the clear, light canopy over sparkling blue water! Bliss!

Jo Powell, Waimuku Auckland


Pool enclosure Elegant